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The "Smart" Home for Bad Weather

Many of us are adding more and more to our homes to make them "smarter" to aid us in our daily life. We can't do much to stop power outages, snow, strong winds, or flooding, however there are many smart home tech options to keep your home under check during these times. Consider some of these options to help you in taking care of your home in times that could be weather related emergencies.

Stay connected when the grid is down

UPS backup power supply
UPS backup power supply found on Amazon

One important part of the smart home tool is the ability to keep them online when you need them most. You can invest in an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) that will help keep your internet connection and Wi-Fi working even during a power outage. It will start up quickly when the power shuts off and will keep your important systems running.

Keep in mind that these would be a more short-term option but will get you through many of the shorter power outages. The run time on these things varies based on the number of items plugged in and their power usage. If you experiences long power outages, the good ol' gasoline power generator will be able fit that situation.

Watch your home, even when you're away

Wireless security camera system
Wireless security camera system found on Amazon

When there is a storm, stay updated on the condition of your home with some home security cameras. Whether you are inside riding out the storm or hundreds of miles away, many camera systems allow you to watch, wherever you are.

Wi-Fi cameras are quite affordable and very easy to set up. With motion detection and night vision modes equipped, these cameras can provide you with more than just home security. You can find out if the conditions outside are just a few broken branches, or something more considerable. Also, many cameras run on batteries so they can be reliable when the power is out, and you may even be able to use the recordings if you need to file an insurance claim.

Watch out for water

Wi-Fi water sensor system
Wi-FI water sensor system found on Amazon

The last device on this quick list is a Wi-Fi Water Detector. These battery-powered devices can be placed all around your house in the water prone areas, such as basements or under sinks, to warn of the presence of water. When water is detected, an alert is sent to your phone or tablet so you can get the water shut off and the leak fixed in a matter of minutes so you can avoid what can turn out to be a potentially very bad water emergency. There are also some non-smart alarms that just make a siren sound, but we won't talk about those much right now since we are discussing the "smart" stuff.

My wife will tell you that this is something that I need to get. I am paranoid about water and the potential of broken lines. We've had plenty happen in our crawlspace. I'm always listening for the sound of running water. If I had some of these water sensors, I would just need to wait for the alert and not worry all the time about the leak behind the washer or the leak under the floor from the outside water spigot and be a little more calm.

In the end

Although this isn't a comprehensive list of all of the many "smart" devices that you could grab that would help you out in your home ownership, but I hope it is just a start to get you to see the many cool gadgets that are out there to help you out. These systems can be affordable and are very easy to set-up. And hopefully, in the end, they can help fend off some of your stress and worry when times of weather emergency come along, and maybe even save you from costly repairs or insurance claims.

And in full disclosure, I am not advertising or vouching for any of the brands posted above. I've only used one of the three above, but I intend to update my home soon.

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